Belediye Çözümleri

Municipality Solutions

Comprehensive applications with an integrated data model designed to create the information atmosphere needed by the local authorities.

Abone Yönetimi

Customer Relations Management

The module with an architecture that will easily fit with all todays applicable laws and regulations bears its structure in XML.

Akıllı Şebekeler

GIS and Utility Solutions

We provide solutions to utility service provider enterprises to eliminate the shortage of information management resulting from Utility Infrastructure privatization of utility service provider companies.

Open and Global Intelligence in Urban Management


First open source “Urban Management Platform” that help you to optimize the time spent on Institutions business process steps, workforce sources and the expenditure budget for those. All gathered under one management thanks to its unique features. With its easily customizable and independently developable capabilities henceforward creating customized management platform is in your hands.


Year Experıence


Metropolıtan Munıcıpalıty


Cıty / Town Munıcıpalıty


Dıstrıbutıon Company


Completely dynamıc sımulations

Early Warnıng System

Our product of Early Warning System which has an architecture that will easily fit with all todays applicable laws and regulations bears its structure in XML.Can easily be added to meet business needs of the enterprise without requiring any programming knowledge. The standard version of the application covers issues such as technical rules and data validations.

FlexCıty ıs now more practıcal and Vısually efectıve


The xany version of flexcity’s responsive screen structure allows you now to access all kinds of screen sizes. We developed for you a new interface of flexcity by refining entire screens in terms of ease of use and compliance. We are adding xany among your indispensables with its improved document management capabilities, further accelerated signing and extra transaction bar.




xMap product gets its power from the ESRI ArcGIS platform, our product is an open platform and does not require installation, you can apply your integrated business processes on a geographical basis, You can use our new web GIS product seamlessly with different resolutions thanks to responsive display and realize your geographic analysis /reporting of real time data via SAP Hana Spatial.